Find your way to Freedom

Fencing is relatively easy to learn, it does take some focus but it’s just what you need to take your mind off things, it is fast and furious and can give you a lifetime of enjoyment, friendship and fitness. It can take you around the country and around the world to visit other clubs and competitions.

It is ideal for shy youngsters as it teaches assertiveness, leadership and confidence and it is good for the bolder ones to express themselves in a positive way too!

Most clubs also offer training courses for adult beginners and provide all the equipment to get you started.

Fencing still has a reputation for being a posh sport but I assure you we areĀ all ordinary south London folk!

There is a club not too far from you and you can fence on every day of the week if you wanted to. Why not give it a go?

Click on a club to find out a bit more about them. They all have a contact you can talk to

Shortlands Fencing Club


Margaret Norville
020 8289 1638

Fencing for independence, personal growth, exercise and fun!