For Parents/Carers

Fencing is a fun way for young people to keep fit, make friends and develop useful skills to help them through life.

Skills like –

– Assertiveness, how to get what you want by being firm and determined and without being aggressive.

– Leadership, get people to follow you rather than you follow them, how to get on with people

– Respect for others, their different opinions and beliefs

– Quick thinking, always useful!

– Self Discipline, the benefts of staying on task and not being distracted by others

– Loyalty, where loyalty is deserved of course

– Agility, being physically fit helps you to be mentally fit

All coaches are child friendly and registered with either British Fencing or the British Academy of Fencing. This means they have had child protection training which is renewed every three years and a first aid qualification in case your child becomes ill or has a mishap, which is exceedingly rare!

Do contact any of the clubs to discuss how your child can be helped by fencing

Fencing for independence, personal growth, exercise and fun!