Being Bullied?

Bullying is, unfortunately, a common fact of life. Bullies have problems and need help but until this is recognised, by the bully or his parents/carers, victims live in fear and can have miserable lives.

If you are being bullied your first step should be to ask for help. From your parents or teachers. Ignore the labels of beeing a ‘squealer’ or a ‘grass’, these are created by bullies to further control you.

It worked for me, I asked my mum to have a word with the form teacher, (who I found a bit scary anyway!). Sometimes a direct approach to the bully’s parents might be worth a try.

Bullying is also found in other places including at work by managers, and is a particularly difficult situation to deal with.

The next step is to make yourself  stronger, mentally and physically, so you can stand up to the bullies better. Fencing did that for me. It raised my self-confidence, strengthened my character, gave me pleasure and new like-minded friends.

It could well be the way forward for you too.

I now teach fencing at a number of clubs and colleges and have friends who run other clubs nearby. There are over 50 clubs in the London boroughs and many more not far away.

Fencing is still, in this country, thought of as a ‘posh’ sport but modern fencing is a Sport For All, and A sport for life. And with some older fencers up in their 80s It can last all your life!

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